Bianca B. Simon

Certified health & nutrition coach

Born and raised in Germany, Bianca became interested in holistic health and nutrition at a young age. Her mother, a qualified homeopath, conducted nutrition focused seminars and classes from her home-based practice, enabling Bianca to learn through observation and ongoing discussions with her Mum. It was an upbringing that fueled her passion.

From the age of twenty-five, after moving across the world to Australia, Bianca spent many years building businesses with her husband, first in the building industry, then finance. Throughout this time she raised three children while also learning considerably more about natural health, nutrition and personal development from  many books and documentaries. She also became involved in a company promoting toxin-free personal care products and health foods, through which she attended numerous seminars and conventions.

Whilst enjoying the challenge, Bianca didn’t feel that the corporate world was where she wanted to remain, and when she the opportunity presented itself to take time out to study, she grabbed hold of it and became an internationally qualified Health and Nutrition Coach.

With a great deal of personal experience as a wife, mother, and successful business woman, she understands the struggle of trying to fit it all in and how it can lead to feeling run down, stressed and overwhelmed at times.

Bianca is driven to help her clients achieve their best potential with a holistic, personalized approach through non-diet based, healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes.

When you decide you want to experience radiant health, abundant energy and a sustainable life balance, Bianca is ready to be your guide and mentor on the journey to become the best possible version of you.